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2d/3d artist looking for possible paid projects/artworks

for my 2d artworks just check my deviant art gallery

for my 3d you can visit this thread…


personal indie game project working on…

if anyone is interested please contact me via email

my email is
just asking around for a affordable 2d comic artist might commission later on

dont need one now but later on might

anyways requirements

1. Can draw anything...since the comics will compose of non human characters as well, can draw different body types (some character will be fat, some will be somewhat thin but somewhat well buffed, some will etc so different body types) , different ages etc etc, both male and female characters

2. black and white will do...but if your price for colored isnt that high...we'll see if later on i would have enough budget

3. of course the character in any pose

4. as to how much ill probably charge per comic page depends...but for sure Indie Budget...

5. can do at least 2-3 comic pages a week

6. Someone i can contact easily...via email or skype because if i like your work,easy to contact, can meet deadlines and hopefully have a budget to work with...i am sure to contact you again


at least same as quality these…

heres a sample page of the actual comic…

we did have 2 comic artist supposively assigned to the task

both comic artist being busy we might need to commission someone later on when my indie group has a budget to work with

if anyone is interested please contact me via email, with your rates and some samples, so i can save your contact detail in case the time i have budget and need a comic artist comes you'd be easy to contact
Gameplay Final Starting Layout by roninfang
Gameplay Final Starting Layout
been a while since posted something
UI for personal indie game

for more info look at our facebook page…
--- The Thundren, Majority of the Dathan Empire

An Empire that believed have existed roughly 500 years ago

The Thundren were structured around a dictatorship, with the home planet being the seat of the entire empire. All
the other colonies paid homage in huge taxes.
Because of the size of their empire, they had to resort to some pretty shady means, like constant assassinations
and media blackouts, all for the good of the state.
The Thundren find body engineering fashionable. They have the technology to alter their body structure, but you
could imagine the strain it would have on your body, so it wasn't really a healthy fashion.
The Thundren created the shade in response to a disease that was quickly spreading through the populace. They
introduced a virus into the water supply of an unsuspecting planet. The experiment was a failure, and the children
were permanently mutated into the shade.
The mutated populace grew in size, and the Thundren treated them as second-class citizens, but of course, the
Shade got angry and decided to revolt.
The war took its toll on both factions, mostly because the Thundren were already succumbing to the disease. When
a truce was finally declared, both sides were already too weak to stop the invasion that was to come.
Warfare wise, the Thundren prefer up close fighting than ranged weapons. They think melee is more civilized, and
they have power armor built specifically to deflect and shrug off ranged weaponry.
The thundren's home planet is massive, with only a single continent. The continent is repeatedly ravaged by
massive storms, and there're large areas that are inhospitable to Thundren life.
The population of the home planet is smaller than the populations of the colonies because they put caps on family
size and breeding in order to keep their lifestyle sustainable. The colonized planets were actually meant to be
drained of all resources anyway, so they're allowed more freedom in the size of their families.

---The Shade

it varies.
Orkish for most of the population. Scaly skin, hard and tougher than the pure Thundren. The artificial mutation was
supposed to counteract the disease's ravaging of the immune system and bodily functions, so the mutation caused
the body to create new "meta cells" that are like stem cells, only much more effective and sci fi. They can recover
from wounds, diseases, and poisons really quickly.
However, the Shade are very susceptible to cancer, which they recover from because of their powerful meta cells,
but still suffer through."
just sharing ^_^

first paid simple app/game now available in google play ^_^

cant go itunes since neither me or programmer has a mac
but maybe long term


Full (which has 6 stages unfortunately dont have time to make more stages and working a different bigger project )…


kept the game really simple since first attempt and still getting used to things

its a different making art for a game for clients and making an entire  game on your own or really small group ^_^

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