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December 29, 2011
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Lost and Found by roninfang Lost and Found by roninfang
Lost And Found

What is a Being?

A sould trapped within a shell in a physical realm

What is a Spell?

Concoction of Ancient text written on books, Wide array of potions of unknown effects, Scrolls of covered in dust of time

What is Nyx?

A being born from pages of spell books, from the primordial mixture of potions, scrolls unwravelled...Memories buried deep within...A lost child soon to be found

Just what is Nyx?

Twilight intends to find out

listening to

while adding final touches
Just send me a note/email if you want a high res copy of this...the one posted here isn't the high res copy

MLP:FIM produced by Lauren Faust
MLP:FIM owned by Hasbro
Past Sins/Nyx owned by Penstrokepony
The Pagemaster owned by 20th Century Fox Film and Turner Pictures

Softwares used
Sai for inking
Photoshop for coloring
And of course a 2b pencil and sketch pad

Finally Done (actually just adding some last minute touches...since i still have time, deadline is still tommorow but might as well submit this now just in case i forget...will post probably the actual one with the final touches after new year)

Apparently a brony loved this artwork so much wants a high res copy and have it printed and signed when i go to a philippines bronycon this coming march yeah there might be a chance i might see this on a tarp or something :facepalm:

Overall my opinion on this

Am i happy with this?
For me camera/perpective is off (yes i have really high standards for myself why not make yourself your own rival anyways) me this is just an Artfart since kinda rushed this in a way...could have been a lot better (will do a rough sketch what i had in mind originally but probably not color it anymore still got other things to work on) but given the deadline and unwanted distractions

Art direction i went with this is more cartoony rendition in terms of coloring and drawing so that i can meet the deadline because if i went realistic rendition which i planned at first i wont make it

also decided to keep the line art for a more cartoony feel

Also while working on this artwork suddenly made me remember one of my favorite old animated movies entitled "The Pagemaster" so placed a very very sutle reference to "The Pagemaster" somewhere within the artwork lets see if any brony can spot them...there should be 3 (the number 3 is already a clue itself) very sutle hidden references

I hope the Past Sins/Nyxs MLP:FIM is happy with this Artwork

anyways i did this for free for the requestor (meh might as well in the spirit of christmass and since this is for a brony/bronie...also in the spirit of friendship a Happy New Year!) but next time might have to ask for a bit of commision

Might as well dedicate this artwork to the MLP:FIM crew as well for creating an awesome show and keep it up!

in anycase

Time to get back to my 3d/2d MLP:FIM Lackadaisy Fanart work in progress which apparently wants to be featured in a Lackadaisy fandom group as well when i am done with it...and my future supervisorz...

Current Progress of 3d/2d Lackdaisy MLP:FIM work in progress posing the character now without rigging it first which technicilly i should have rigged first (kakatamad eh) yeah if this was a for my previous boss/prof they would probably kill me figuratively but hey this is a personal artwork in progress anyways so...XD HUZZAH! i dont care ill rig it next time when i feel like it

and update/fix my portforlio -insert crazy twilight face here-

so much to do so little time WAHAHAHAHAHAHA

so my last words are

Good Luck, Good Riddance, Good Bye...Signing off till my next post

Happy New Year every pony ^_^

also i have a feeling this artwork will hit EqD soon as well anycase if it does let me know ^_^

my friends/artstudents/profs/contactz etc will be shocked to see this LOL
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RunningOftheLeaves Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013
ROTLCON approves of this artwork! ^^
Sire-Sword Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
>(030)> Shes so adorable.
Xamrin Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2012
I think Nyx is trying to escape a bad fan-made fanfic of Past Sins. Wait. A fanfic of a fanfic... What?

:iconxzibitplz: I heard you like fanfics
jtfroh Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013
There are actually a couple good fanfics of Past Sins that I've found. Nightmare Night and Nyx is great, and I'm still reading the other by the same author, Nyx's Family (it's still being written). Pen Stroke himself has actually written two, and is working on a third, off-shoot mini-stories.
roninfang Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2012
Might be able open for one commission next week finally got

I think finally way to do online money transfer...not Paypal though i asked the bank they support Paypal for my case :P in anycase ive found another way so yeah might accept one commission request next week
roninfang Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2012
So if anybody is willing to give me chance just leave a note,comment,message or email

ill just post the details or email you them by next week
roninfang Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2012
Might be able open for one commission next week finally got it working

I think finally found a way to do online money transfer.
Xantos150 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2012  Student General Artist
I saw Twilight on background.
roninfang Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2012
XD ^_^
RedMarkerRellik Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2012
This is amazing.
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